15 Ways To Get Free T-Shirts

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I love getting free stuff, especially if it’s something I can actually use. Did you know that there are lots of companies out there that send out free T-shirts?

It’s a win-win situation as they get exposure for their product when people wear their shirts, and you get a free T-shirt to wear with pride…even if it’s just an extra workout T-shirt for the gym.

I still have a Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” shirt I requested way back when, and I know I’ve gotten plenty of free T-shirts in the mail over the years.

How to Get Free T-Shirts

No matter your reason for wanting free T-shirts, you’ll want to know about all of the different companies that send out free T-shirts.

Some companies may require you to enter a sweepstakes or giveaway, or they may just send you a free T-shirt, no strings – or tags! – attached.

1. MyCooler

Sign up for MyCooler Rewards to earn points that you can redeem for prizes, like free T-shirts.

You’ll obviously need to purchase the beer so you can scan your receipt and earn points, but if you were planning on buying the beer anyway, this is a nice way to get freebies.

Participating beer brands include Bud Light, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Michelob Ultra, Natural Light, and Busch.

2. E&J Brandy

free t-shirt from E&J Coogi

E&J Brandy produces a collection of – what else? – brandy. They have six different flavors and tout themselves as being “the most popular American brandy.”

They’ve reserved a private selection of past swag for fans in the E&J Shelf.

You’ll need to create an account to enter, then just leave a comment on the gear of your choice for a chance to win. They don’t currently have any t-shirt giveaways open, but they have in the past, so check back!

3. Turkey Hill Dairy

If you scream for ice cream – specifically Turkey Hill products – sign up for Turkey Hill Nation to get the inside scoop on new products and flavors.

As a member of Turkey Hill Nation, you’ll also receive free and discounted items (including free t-shirts!) and participate in exclusive tastings and surveys.

Turkey Hill Dairy sells ice cream and other frozen novelties, iced tea, fruit drinks, and other beverages and desserts.

4. Kona Ice

free t-shirt from Kona Ice

Kona Ice is a gourmet shaved ice experience that operates 1,000 food trucks in 48 states.

Besides serving up delicious shaved ice in a variety of delicious flavors, they also play some jammin’ tunes that will sweep you away to an island in the middle of the ocean.

Fill out this form to enter the monthly T-shirt giveaway. They only pick one winner a month, so your chances aren’t great…but here’s hoping!

5. Bryan Health

Parents in Nebraska with kids ages birth to 12 can sign up for the free Bryan Health Kids’ Club. The Kids’ Club was created to get children excited about exercise and nutrition and to provide opportunities for families to be active.

Benefits of membership include a free Kids’ Club T-shirt and membership card, coupons from Bryan Health co-sponsors, and more.

6. Smokin’ Dave’s

Smokin' Dave's t-shirt

Request a free “Jala! Jalapeños” t-shirt to wear loud and proud all year long. You’ll just need to fill out this form and wait four to seven weeks. This offer is open to residents in the US, UK, EU, and Canada.

Smokin’ Dave’s makes a variety of products using smoked jalapeños, garlic, and habanero. You can purchase their products online or at one of the stores where they are sold (Texas).

7. Paradosiaka

Paradosiaka t-shirt

Paradosiaka is a company in Greece that manufactures products made from Greek olives and herbs, including herbal oil, liquid soap, vacuum-sealed olives, soap, and more.

They give out t-shirts as a “thank you” to their customers, and you can request yours here. Note that they reserve the right to deny sample shirt requests, and you’ll need to respond to their initial email to be considered.

8. T-Shirt Outlet

T-Shirt Outlet provides a distribution channel for promotional T-shirts with printing imperfections. The shirts have no fabric or construction defects; the printed message just doesn’t quite fit what the client had wanted.

You can request a free T-shirt here. Available shirts change periodically. This offer is available in both the US and Canada; limit 1 free T-shirt per household.

9. United Survivalist Association

Get a free “These Colors Don’t Run” t-shirt from the United Survivalist Association when you fill out the form HERE. Note that you will have to cover shipping & handling ($6.95).

When you order your T-shirt, you’ll also receive basic membership in the United Survivalist Association (a $59.95 value).

If you like this offer, there’s a similar one for a free “Thank You” patriotic t-shirt HERE.

10. Dr. Pepper

The Dr. Pepper Program is such a fun way to get some free t-shirts. All you need to do is log in to the Dr. Pepper site and they will provide you with a survey.

One you open the survey, go ahead and answer the questions and leave a note as to why you love the company. Dr. Pepper will then mail you a free t-shirt (or more depending on the promotion at the time). You can also make a purchase and follow the directions below:

  1. Purchase three cases of Dr. Pepper (12 pack of the 7.5oz cans)
  2. Text DRPEPPER to 64827. You’ll receive a text with a place to submit your photo
  3. Redeem the code you receive for a free Dr. Pepper t-shirt.

11. Lemon

Lemon is a loungewear, slippers, cozy wear and t-shirt brand. Opting in for the Lemon ambassador program will give you free t-shirts often.

In order to join the ambassador program, you need to be a social media influencer. You don’t need to have a huge following to join, though. The perks include getting selected for the testing round of some clothing as well as free t-shirts.

12. MuscleTech

If you’re into fitness, MuscleTech is a great company for you to reach out to for free t-shirts. The company gives free apparel and energy drinks often.

You can sign up on their site to receive the free t-shirt. The steps to follow in order to receive them are as follows:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. Have an active fitness life
  3. Apply to become a Fit Tester via their website by creating a member profile
  4. You’ll get an email notification if you are approved and if there is anything available that fits your profile
  5. You’ll receive the free t-shirt, share your feedback with the company and then keep your t-shirt

13. 4imprint

4imprint provides a variety of sample t-shirts for free. They give them out often, too. You need to become a 4imprint member but it is so easy to join.

To receive your free t-shirt, follow these steps:

  1. Call the toll free number 1-877-446-7746
  2. Send them an email to [email protected]
  3. Or fill out their online form

14. Flywheel

Designers and agencies love to use Flywheel’s free resources for their WordPress based sites. Something else they give out for free is t-shirts.

Receiving a free t-shirt is easy. Simply fill out the information form with your name and shipping info and you will then be signed up for their t-shirt giveaway.

15. Alex R. White

Alex R. White is an attorney giving out free t-shirts for a good cause. This personal injury law firm is very vocal about people not driving while intoxicated. They have a goal to reach as many people as possible with this message so they create a lot of merchandise to promote it.

Alex R. White gives out free t-shirts for free in hopes to promote this message. Simply contact them to get on the list and you will receive a t-shirt in 2-4 weeks.

Websites to Follow for Free T-Shirt Offers

Free t-shirt offers and giveaways are often quite limited in scope. They may only have a certain number of t-shirts to give away, or the form to request the free t-shirts may only be available for a short time.

Therefore, it’s smart to follow or regularly check a few reputable freebie websites to make sure can get the best free t-shirt offers right away. Here are some of my favorite freebie websites to follow:


FreeStuff.com is updated daily with free stuff from across the web. Their weekly newsletter helps you stay on top of the best free offers without having to check their website each day.

Follow their Clothes, Shoes, & Hats category for the latest free t-shirt offers.

I Love Free Things

I Love Free Things rounds up a wide variety of free samples, magazine subscriptions, photo freebies, food freebies, and lots more. The website is updated regularly, and they send out an email newsletter twice a week.

Check the Free Clothing category to stay on top of their free t-shirt deals.

Just Free Stuff

Just Free Stuff was started back in 1997 and is still regularly updated with the best free offers, like free magazines, free samples, product testing opportunities, and more.

The Clothes category will show you free t-shirt offers as well as free shoes, socks, hats, and more.

Hey, It’s Free!

I love Hey, It’s Free! for its dose of humor along with freebie offers. The website owner, Goob, posts freebies and offers in a blog-style format.

Get the latest free t-shirt offers along with other apparel freebies by checking the Free Clothing Samples category.

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As you can see, there are lots of companies out there that are willing to give out free T-shirts. Even if you can’t get a free T-shirt through all of these methods, you’ll probably get at least a few to add to your stack.

Be sure to check in regularly with the websites listed above to find new free T-shirt offers as they do pop up often.

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