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Where To Get Balloons Filled With Helium (10 Different Places)

If you’re going to celebrate anything, you’re going to need balloons!

And if you need balloons, then you’re going to need helium. What is more depressing than balloons that limp over or that can’t float on their own? 

You need those big balloons to let the festivities begin. They offer a wow factor to every celebration.

Unfortunately, there has been an ongoing helium shortage since 2006. So finding helium readily available has been hard to come by in recent years. 

That is why we have compiled a list of potential locations nationwide of places where you can get balloons filled with helium. As always, check with your local retailers and get their store specific policies before finalizing any of your details.

Where To Find Helium For Balloons

When it comes to finding balloons for your event, we got you covered. 

1. Albertsons

Albertsons is one of the largest grocery store chains in the nation. They have over 2200 stores in 15 states across the country.

As with most grocery stores, Albertsons stores will have a floral or event planning department. Located within that department is usually an area with balloons for sale and a helium tank to fill them up with. 

The cost to fill up each balloon will vary depending on the size of the balloon. They also do not require you to purchase the balloon in-house. 

In other words, you can take balloons from a different retailer and they will gladly inflate it for you. Check with your local Albertsons for more details, but the price to fill each balloon could range anywhere from $1.50 to $7.

2. Amazon

Nowadays, it makes sense that the first place you look for anything is going to be online. And if you are buying something, let’s be real, you’re checking Amazon first. 

Although Amazon will not sell you a helium balloon already filled up, you can always buy the balloons and purchase a small, portable helium tank and then fill them up at your leisure at home or at your party’s venue.

Keep in mind, a small tank of helium will likely cost you over fifty dollars (not including delivery) and will fill approximately 30 nine-inch balloons. 

It may not be the most cost-effective, but it is definitely extremely convenient as it all will be delivered to your doorstep and you can fill the balloons whenever is most convenient for you.

3. CVS

You’re on your way to a party and forgot to get a card. So you pop into your corner CVS to pick one up. 

While you’re there, might as well buy some balloons. CVS will likely have some already inflated helium balloons for your celebrations. You can also buy a pack of balloons to accent your decorations. 

So long as the balloons are purchased in-store, CVS will gladly inflate them for you as a courtesy. You’re going to want to check with them beforehand, as this may not be true at every location. 

If they have helium tanks in-store, then this is a great perk if you are in a pinch. Especially since a pack of balloons is relatively inexpensive and you will be getting them inflated for free. 

4. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree may not be your first thought to find helium balloons, but they have so many! In fact, this should be the first place you look for themed balloons because their selection is pretty vast. 

You can find balloons that are already filled and ready to go if you are in a hurry. However, if you are still in the party planning stages, you can buy the balloons and then have them inflated at a later time. 

As long as the balloons were purchased from Dollar Tree, online or in store, then they will gladly fill them up for you for a small fee. 

They previously charged one dollar per balloon inflation, but Dollar Tree recently announced all items in their stores are going up to $1.25 so that would be the price per balloon to inflate now.

Check your local Dollar Stores for deals near you.

5. Edible Arrangements

Who doesn’t just love it when they see that Edible Arrangements truck pull up. The bright red box with delicious goodies inside and seeing that helium balloon attached is the proverbial cherry on top.

Edible Arrangements offers balloon bundle packages to help you celebrate a wide range of occasions. 

You can find arrangements for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, general appreciation, congratulations, and many other noteworthy achievements. 

If you have a storefront nearby, it would be worth your while to stop in and pick out the arrangement yourself. 

If you are able to transport the gift yourself, then you can certainly save on delivery costs. Although Edible Arrangements does offer free next-day or beyond delivery on most orders. 

6. Hospital Gift Shops

This is probably one of the most unique places to find helium balloons. Granted, they might have a bit of a limited selection. And they likely will not have a place to inflate balloons for you. 

But if you are celebrating a literal birth day, make sure to stop into the hospital gift shop for some cool novelty ideas involving helium balloons. 

Of course, they will probably have balloons to commemorate other occasions. They might offer Get Well balloons, or even balloon ensembles to gift to nurses and other hospital staff as a token of your gratitude. 

One wonderful convenience of using a hospital gift shop is that you will most likely be able to have the balloons delivered bedside on your behalf. 

Of course, this may incur a separate surcharge, but it is worth looking into, especially if you are away and can’t visit your loved one in person.

7. Michael’s

You might be checking out Michael’s for all your party decorating needs. They have ribbons, streamers, candles, burlap, yard signs, party favors, decorative rose petals& 

You name it, they probably have it. So you might as well look into getting your balloons from there as well.

Michael’s does not have the service of filling up your helium balloons for you. However, they have a plethora of balloons to choose from, depending on what you are celebrating. 

They have helium tanks for sale in store only. Prices may vary, but you’re looking at about $45 – $60 depending on the size tank you would need to purchase. 

The largest tank, per the product description, will fill up approximately 50 latex balloons (9). 

8. Party City

Party City is definitely your next party central, with a balloon for every occasion! They have the biggest and best selections and you will easily be able to find something to fit your budget and theme.

If you are shopping in-store, they will gladly inflate every balloon you purchase through them at no extra cost. 

Even when you purchase balloons online, the price you are quoted is already factoring in the cost of helium to inflate them. So once you receive the balloons, simply go into your nearest Party City and they will fill up each balloon for free. 

Another option they offer is to purchase the balloons online and schedule an in-store pick up. You simply need to place your order, and everything you need will already be taken care of. 

Even if you purchase your balloons from another location, Party City is able to fill up each balloon with helium for a fee. The cost will vary by location, so check with your local store.

9. Publix

Publix is a regional grocery chain located in 7 states across the southeast United States, where shopping is a pleasure! 

Known for their tremendous customer service, you know that Publix is going to do their best to go above and beyond for all your party and balloon needs. 

Most Publixes will have a floral or event planning department. If so, they will likely have a helium tank and be able to fill up any balloons for you. 

Like most other retailers, if you purchase the item in-house, then the balloon inflation is free.

As a service to the customer, you can bring in any balloons from a competitor, and they will fill it up for you for a small fee, depending on the size of the balloon. 

While you are in there, be sure to try one of the famous Publix cakes to take to your birthday party or other celebrations!

10. Walmart

Shopping for balloons at Walmart might be just what you need to finish up all your party decor. 

The selection for balloons is expansive. Not only can you find regular latex balloons, but you can also find themed balloons and balloon arch kits. 

They have Disney balloons, mermaid balloons, and number balloons for birthday parties. Whatever it is you are celebrating, you will be able to find a balloon at Walmart for reasonable prices. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for in-store, you can easily find more selections online! 

If you are going to purchase it online, you have the options to pick it up in store or to have it delivered to your house (it may take up to 2 or more days, though). 

Not all Walmarts offer helium services to fill up your balloons. Check with your local store to see if they can provide this service to you. 

If they do not, you always have the option to purchase a helium tank from Walmart and fill up the balloons on your own.


A balloon is the perfect finishing touch to any party or gift you are giving.

Despite the national helium shortage, there are still plenty of places where you can find helium balloons for whatever it is you are celebrating: grocery stores, gift shops, and even party stores. 

Remember to check the availability before you stop. We are certain you will be able to find amazing balloons at all of these locations!

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