Microwave Pressed Flower Tutorial

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Looking for a simple but beautiful gift using nature’s beauty? This microwave pressed flower tutorial will help you out!

Microwave Pressed Flower Tutorial

Microwave Pressed Flower Tutorial

If you’re looking for something easy, inexpensive, and beautiful to make with the kids for Mom, Grandma, or another special person, I have an idea for you: pressed flowers! If you’re on a tight timeline, no worries – you can actually press flowers in the microwave!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fresh cut flowers and foliage of your choice
  • Two stiff pieces of cardboard
  • Blotting paper (I used parchment and it seemed to work fine)
  • A piece or two of tile, or a plate
  • A laminator, such as this Scotch Thermal Laminating Machine (or contact paper)

Start by collecting your flowers. You might think you don’t have anything that will work, but take a good look.

100_7812 (800x691)

Brightly colored shrubs or blossoms are lovely.

100_8398 (800x600)

Rhododendrons may be in bloom near you!

100_8400 (800x600)

These yellow flower buds haven’t opened yet, but the striking silver foliage would make a nice addition!

100_7829 (636x800)

Here are some flowers and leaves my daughter and I snipped a few weeks back. Even common weeds like dandelion and clover look pretty when pressed. If you’re really stumped for flowers, try taking a nature walk to a nearby greenbelt.

Here’s what I picked for today’s craft:

100_8401 (800x600)

Start by arranging the flowers on a piece of blotting paper. Again, I didn’t have blotting paper, but parchment seemed to work just fine, and it’s what I had on hand.

100_8402 (800x708)

Cover your flowers with another piece of blotting paper and then press both sides with pieces of cardboard. Lay in your microwave and top with the tile or microwave-safe plate.


From here, you are going to microwave on reduced power (I did 50%) for one minute at a time. After each minute, check the done-ness of your flowers. I found that some of the smaller leaves were done at about 3-4 minutes, but the bigger flowers took over 6 minutes.

While you are microwaving your flowers, you might want to fire up the laminator. I’m using a Scotch Thermal Laminator I got on Amazon a couple years back. It’s a great little machine for crafting projects like this and I highly recommend it. All you do is plug it in, hit power and wait until the green light comes on. If you do not have a laminator, you could just use some contact paper.

microwave pressed flower tutorial with laminator

Once the flowers are done, arrange in a laminating sheet and slide it through. Voila! Pressed flower bookmark in about 30 minutes!

microwave pressed flower tutorial bookmarks in book

To personalize these, I cut out some paper hearts and had my daughter color them. Then I attached to the bookmark by adding some ribbon and hole punching.

microwave pressed flower tutorial bookmarks

This craft is quick, easy, and I think it’s really pretty! You could personalize the bookmarks further by including a small photo or card in the bookmark when you laminate it.

I hope this gives you a good idea for a simple and beautiful gift if you were looking for one!

5 thoughts on “Microwave Pressed Flower Tutorial”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely idea and creating such a good tutorial. I’ll definitely be trying this next spring together with my little granddaughter.

  2. What a lovely idea. Never thought to speed up the process using the microwave. The kinder children are going to love this activity.
    Thanks for taking the time to share.

  3. I’m going into college for plant science this fall and I’m think about making some flower pressed bookmarks for my textbooks! It’s a fun idea and thank you for sharing this tutorial!!!

  4. Is it possible to use the microwave method for drying a bouquet of flowers, my daughter just got married two weeks ago and I have been storing the flowers in my fridge, I would love to make a flat version of the bouquet as I know she does not want the whole bouquet look. Any tips, ideas would be gratefully received,

    Kind regards,
    Suzanne Farrell.

    • Hi Suzanne, I saw one on FB someone made from their wedding bouquet. it was all white flowers. I have never used the microwave method. I would try one or two flowers your not going to use to test the results. I press mine in a press or in between book pages. I would use the parchament paper inside the books, as sometimes the petals on dainty flowers stick to the pages

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