Best Turkey Prices at the Grocery Store (Near You)

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Best Turkey Prices, Coupons & Deals

Once again this year, we’re rounding up the best turkey prices at grocery stores across the nation! As we’ve tracked turkey prices for years now, you’ll notice that in some cases we’ve left notes on prior years’ pricing.

We also addressed the question “what’s a good price for a turkey?” which you might find helpful to read when considering these deals.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 21, 2021

Best Turkey Prices by Store

Here are the best prices we’re seeing at a quick glance, but you can also scroll down the list to see more details about your favorite store.

Prices and offers may vary by region.

  • Lidl – $0.29 per pound with additional $35 purchase
  • Food Lion – $0.39 per pound with additional $35 purchase
  • Giant – $0.39 per pound with additional $25 purchase
  • Fred Meyer – $0.49 per pound with additional $50 purchase
  • Kroger – $0.49 per pound with additional $25 purchase
  • Publix – $0.49 per pound
  • Winn-Dixie – $0.49 per pound
  • Grocery Outlet – $0.53 per pound
  • Albertsons/Safeway – $0.57 per pound with additional $50 purchase
  • Weis – $0.59 per pound with 200 rewards points
  • QFC – $0.79 per pound with additional $25 purchase
  • Save A Lot – $0.79 per pound
  • Aldi – $0.87 per pound (Butterball)
  • Walmart – $0.87 per pound
  • Costco – $0.99 per pound
  • Fresh Thyme – $0.99 per pound with additional $20 purchase
  • Whole Foods – $0.99 per pound
  • Cub Foods – $1.19 per pound
  • Sam’s Club – $1.19 per pound
  • Amazon Fresh – $1.49 per pound (Butterball)
  • Trader Joe’s – $1.99 per pound
  • Acme – FREE with $300 purchase
  • Albertsons – FREE with $150 purchase
  • Fareway – FREE with $50 meat purchase
  • H-E-B – FREE with purchase of ham
  • Hy-Vee – FREE with purchase of ham
  • Meijer – FREE with additional $100 purchase
  • ShopRite – FREE with $400 purchase

Acme Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Spend $300 now through Thursday, November 25 and get a free Signature Farms Frozen Turkey (10-22 lb. avg.). You’ll need to add the Just 4 U digital coupon and enter your linked phone number each time you shop.

Albertsons Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Safeway and Albertsons have released their 2021 turkey price. This year, you can get a FREE frozen turkey with a $150 grocery purchase (limit 1) OR $0.57 per pound with $50 grocery purchase (limit 1).

The free turkey offer is identical to the last several years’ offer, but the price per pound for the $50 grocery purchase is up from last year’s price of $0.49 per pound. (Note that some Albertsons stores offer this same deal, but with a price of $0.47 per pound.)

For 2021, Albertsons is offering a turkey dinner for $62.99. This is up $3 from the 2020 price.

Here’s what’s included: Fully Cooked Turkey, Cornbread Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Relish, Giblet Gravy, serves 8-10.

If you live in another region, do take a peek at your ad first! You might find your store is running another deal.

Aldi Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* The Aldi turkey price for 2021 is $0.87 per pound for a frozen Butterball Whole Turkey (10 – 22 lb, limit 2).

This is a fantastic price per pound for Butterball if you have an Aldi store near you. I especially love that it doesn’t require any additional purchase, coupon, etc. to get this price. This price is unchanged from 2020.

Amazon Fresh Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Running out of time? Amazon Fresh will help you stock up on everything you need for your Thanksgiving dinner, at reasonable prices, too!

Fresh turkeys will be available soon, but if you want to pick up your frozen turkey now, you can get a Butterball frozen turkey for $17.88 (10-12 lbs.). That works out to as low as $1.49 per pound.

Costco Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* It appears that Costco is sticking with their long-held turkey price once again this year.

They’re continuing to offer fresh whole turkeys at $0.99 per pound. This price has been pretty darn stable since I started tracking Costco turkey prices (about 2013).

This is a very good price for fresh turkeys, particularly because Costco does not require additional purchase. Also, note that these are FRESH turkeys, not frozen.

If you want Costco to do the cooking for you this year, you can order the Schwan’s Thanksgiving Meal for $99.99. This serves 6-8 and includes:

  • 5 lbs. ready-to-roast turkey breast
  • Roasted baby bakers
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Whole green beans
  • Super-sweet corn
  • Southern-style biscuits
  • Traditional pumpkin pie
  • Old-fashioned apple pie
  • Classic vanilla ice cream

Everything cooks from frozen – no thawing needed!

Cub Foods Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Cub Foods has their Essential Everyday frozen turkey for $1.19 per pound, limit 1. This is up from the 2020 price of $0.99 per pound.

And if you want Cub Foods to do the cooking for you, they’ll do that, too: their Traditional Turkey Dinner serves up to 10 and is priced at $119.99.

It includes a 10-12 lb turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, cranberry orange relish, and an apple or pumpkin pie.

Fareway Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Get a FREE Fareway Basted Young Turkey (up to 14 lb) when you purchase $50 or more from Fareway’s fresh meat counter.

If you need a larger turkey, the discount will automatically be applied at the register.

Food Lion Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Get a frozen turkey for $0.39 per pound with your MVP card and an additional $35 purchase. Turkey must be 10 lbs or larger and there is a limit of 2.

Fred Meyer Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Fred Meyer has released their 2021 turkey pricing: $0.49 per pound with a $50 minimum purchase. Additionally, you can get a FREE turkey when you spend $150 or more (limit 1 per transaction).

This is a return to the 2017 – 2019 price; last year’s price was $0.47 per pound.

Fresh Thyme Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Fresh Thyme has their fresh (not frozen) antibiotic-free whole turkey for $0.99 per pound while supplies last, limit 1 with additional $20 purchase.

This is the same as last year’s price, but this year the additional purchase requirement is new. They also have slightly more expensive options if you want just the turkey breast, organic, etc.

Giant Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Giant has released their 2021 turkey price. Get a Giant Grade A Frozen Turkey for just $0.39 per pound with additional $25 purchase. This is truly an amazing deal! Limit 2.

Grocery Outlet Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* There is a new turkey coupon for Grocery Outlet this week. It reads: take $14 off your turkey with a $30 purchase (the $30 excludes the price of the turkey). This coupon is valid through 11/25.

This is $2 more off than last year’s coupon deal! With the coupon, that is as low as $0.53 per pound. To compare, the 2020 price after coupon was also $0.53 per pound, and the 2019 price was $0.59 per pound)

You can get this coupon from their ad, which is also available on their website. Also, sign up for their email newsletter and you can get a $3 off coupon.

H-E-B Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* H-E-B is offering a free turkey (up to 12 lb) when you buy a select ham and use the in-store coupon. Limit 1 per customer. This is the same as last year’s deal.

Hy-Vee Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* At Hy-Vee you can get a FREE Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey (10-14 lb) with purchase of a Hormel Cure 81 Boneless Ham (priced at $4.99 per pound). Get your meat for Thanksgiving and Christmas in one trip!

This Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey has a regular price of $1.58 per pound, making this a savings of up to $22.12 (assuming a 14-lb bird). The price of the ham did go up $1 per pound this year from the 2020 price.

And of course, you can order your turkey dinner online and have Hy-Vee do the cooking for you! Their Turkey Party Pleaser serves 8 and is priced at $99.99.

It includes a Butterball turkey (10-12 lbs.), two large sides of mashed potatoes, beef or turkey gravy (16 oz.), 12 dinner rolls and your choice of two large side dishes. This price is up $10 from 2020.

Kroger Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Get a Kroger frozen turkey for $0.49 per pound with card, limit 1. Note that you’ll need to make an additional $25 purchase, which shouldn’t be a problem if you’re stocking up on Thanksgiving goodies.

This is slightly up from the 2020 price of $0.47 per pound.

Lidl Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Lidl has released their 2021 turkey price. Get a Butterball frozen premium all natural young turkey for $0.87 per pound. This is a fantastic price for Butterball turkey, and no additional purchase is required! Limit 40 lbs. per customer.

If you want to pay even less and are planning to do additional shopping, you can get a Jennie-O frozen turkey for just $0.29 per pound with additional $35 purchase. Just be sure you’re a My Lidl rewards member. Wow!

Meijer Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Get a free Meijer Frozen Grade A Turkey when you spend $100 on your total purchase. Please note that the price of the turkey is not included in the $100 threshold.

Last year’s price was $0.39 per pound with an additional $25 purchase.

Publix Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Publix is offering their Publix Frozen Young Turkey for $0.49 per pound, limit 2. No additional purchase is required.

In addition, their Publix Deli Fully Cooked Turkey Dinner is just $54.99 and serves 7-10. (This price is up $5 from 2020.) It includes a 10 to 12-lb. Butterball turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry-orange relish, and marshmallow delight.

QFC Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* QFC has released their 2021 turkey price. This year you can get a frozen Jennie-O Turkey for $0.79 per pound with an additional $25 purchase.

If you’d rather get a Butterball Turkey, it’ll be $0.99 per pound with an additional $25 purchase.

The Jennie-O turkey price is up from $0.67 per pound last year, and the Butterball tuekry price is up from $0.97 per pound last year.

Safeway Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Safeway and Albertsons have released their 2021 turkey price. This year, you can get a FREE frozen turkey with a $150 grocery purchase (limit 1) OR $0.57 per pound with $50 grocery purchase (limit 1).

The free turkey offer is identical to the last several years’ offer, but the price per pound for the $50 grocery purchase is up from last year’s price of $0.49 per pound.

Safeway California shoppers can get their turkey for cheap with a $25 purchase. Options include:

  • $6 for an 8- to 11.5-pound turkey (as low as $0.52 per pound)
  • $8 for a 12- to 15.3-pound turkey (as low as $0.52 per pound)
  • $9 for a 16- to 19.5-pound turkey (as low as $0.46 per pound)
  • $10 for a 20- to 24-pound turkey (as low as $0.42 per pound)

And Safeway East Coast shoppers can get a Butterball Turkey for $0.99 per pound with digital coupon. You could also get a free turkey when you spend $300 with your Just 4 U Rewards card between 10/15 and 11/25.

Sam’s Club Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021* I haven’t yet visited my Sam’s Club to see the in-store price, but they do have the Member’s Mark Frozen All-Natural Whole Turkey priced at $1.19 per pound (available starting November 10). This is the same as the fresh turkey price from 2020.

Save A Lot Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021* Save A Lot has released their 2021 turkey price. Get a Honeysuckle Turkey for $0.79 per pound, limit 1.

Last year’s price was $0.69 per pound, but it required an additional $25 purchase.

ShopRite Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021*  Spend $400 from 10/17 – 11/25 to qualify for a free turkey or ham. Limit 1 free item per family. You will need to use your rewards card at checkout so they can keep a running total of how much you’ve spent.

Want ShopRite to do the cooking for you? Order the Complete Thanksgiving Meal Bundle for $149.99 and feed up to 15 people! This bundle includes:

  • Herb Roasted Turkey Breast
  • Applewood Smoked Cider Maple Glazed Ham
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes
  • Fall Spiced Roasted Butternut Squash with Cranberries
  • White Cheddar Mac N Cheese
  • Country Stuffing
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy
  • Gourmet Apple Pie

Target Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Target has released their 2021 turkey pricing. Buy a Good & Gather Premium frozen whole turkey for $0.79 per pound. This is the same as last year’s price.

If you’d like a Butterball frozen turkey, it’s priced at $0.99 per pound. This is also the same as the 2020 price.

Trader Joe’s Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Trader Joe’s just released their 2021 prices and they are holding pretty consistent from past years.

You can buy All Natural Brined Fresh Young Turkeys (12-22 lbs) for $1.99 per pound and All Natural Glatt Kosher Fresh Young Turkeys (12-16 lbs) for $2.99 per pound. These are available starting November 12.

The price for the brined young turkeys has hold steady since 2014 (!), and the price of the kosher birds has hold steady since 2017.

Additionally, this year you can buy an Organic Free Range Young Turkey (10-16 lbs) for $3.49 per pound. This price is also unchanged from 2018.

For more information, please visit Trader Joe’s. I consider these prices decent given that they are specialty turkeys.

Walmart Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Walmart has Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey priced at $0.87 per pound. If you’d rather have Butterball, you’ll pay $0.98 per pound. Please note that prices may vary by store. These prices are unchanged from the past couple years.

Weis Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Earn 400 Weis Rewards Points by 11/25 and you can redeem them for a FREE Weis Quality Frozen Turkey or a discount on other holiday favorites.

If you only earn 200 Rewards Points, you can still get a deal and pay $0.59 per pound for the same frozen turkey. Last year’s offer was similar.

Whole Foods Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* My local Whole Foods has their Whole Turkey priced at $0.99 per pound this week for Prime members. This turkey is Animal Welfare Certified.

This is a huge price drop over last year’s sale price which was $1.99 per pound!

If you want Whole Foods to do the cooking for you, they have a Classic Roast Turkey Dinner for 4 priced at $84.99, among other meal deals. This is up $5 from the 2020 price.

WinCo Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Once again, WinCo will be offering a free turkey with a $100 purchase from now through Thanksgiving. This is a Jennie-O Grade A frozen turkey (excludes premium, fresh, and Butterball). There is a limit of one per family.

Please note that brands may vary from store to store and limited to stock on hand. This is identical to their deal from the past several years. You can read more about this HERE.

And…it’s back! WinCo is once again offering their holiday dinner for $49.98 + tax!

Here’s what’s included (serves 4 – 6):

  • Butterball Whole Cooked Turkey (10-12 lb)
  • Homestyle Stuffing (22 oz)
  • Green Bean Casserole (22 oz)
  • Creamy Mashed Potatoes (32 oz)
  • Homestyle Gravy (24 oz)
  • Cranberry Orange Relish (12 oz)
  • 8 inch Pumpkin Pie
  • 12 ct King’s Hawaiian Rolls
  • Reusable WinCo Foods Bag

Winn-Dixie Turkey Price

*Updated for 2021!* Get a Honeysuckle Grade A Frozen Whole Turkey for $0.49 per pound at Winn-Dixie, limit 1.

Last year’s sale price was $0.49 per pound, so this is a slight price jump. Still, it doesn’t require an additional purchase.

Prefer Butterball? That’s on sale for $0.99 per pound, limit 1.

What other stores or places should I be keeping an eye on this year for deals? Which kinds of deals appeal to you most when it comes to buying a turkey?

best turkey prices at a grocery store near you

43 thoughts on “Best Turkey Prices at the Grocery Store (Near You)”

  1. Not sure why I read the entire post since I live on the entirely different coast and don’t have any of these deals! But it’s so interesting to know what others pay sometimes for the same things 🙂 In the Boston area they are .49-.59 a pound, so hopefully that price will spread your way next week!

    • LOL – well you are ALWAYS welcome to see what’s going on over here! Even if you don’t have the same stores, at least you can get a general idea of what I’m seeing and considering a deal right now. I consider $0.49/lb the price to beat this year! 😉

      • Food lion a chain super market here in the South, Bedford Virginia in my case had this deal from 11/7 thru 11/15 2018, .27 cents a lb with a $35 purchase. That’s the best deal I have seen so far. Picked up a 20lb and an 18lb for just over 10 bucs!

  2. I appreciate living within the weekly budget for food but am always willing to stock up on things like toilet paper and shampoo and soap and toothpaste (those items that i always seem to have coupons for and will always need) to get the free turkey. I find that helps me to not go through the store thinking ‘I just need to spend another $20 and then ending up with $20 of chips and pop and cookies and stuff that I don’t really need.

    • I think that’s why it’s hard to say where the “best” deal is – it really depends on your family’s needs, which stores are in the area, what makes best sense to you. Thanks for sharing. 😉

  3. We live in the suburbs of Chicago, and our Jewel-Osco (Albertson’s) will match ANY competitor’s turkey price per pound.

    Also, they are selling Jennie-O hens and tom turkey’s for .49 per pound. No spending minimum, either. I bought two for next Thursday…think I’ll go back and grab a few more for the freezer!

    • Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I usually purchase around 10 extra turkeys for the freezer. Here the best price is .84/pound – which is the least expensive protein we’ll see until next holiday season.

    • Geeze, here in AZ, the BEST deals are about $.99/lb or spend $150 and get a free bird. I used to wait and get them for about $.29/lb and toss 2 in the freezer for later. Now, they’re not even really in the budget!

  4. I did the butterball deal at target with the 3 buck coupon 12lb 9 bucks~! Safeway: if u switch a prescription there they give u a $25 coupon. they also rotate their meat earlier than other stores so if u go to the clearance u can get 30-50% off other meat and fish u can freeze. so u can stock up on 25 buck of meat, which is like getting about 40 bucks of meat, get the turkey for 69cents a pound for 12 that would be around 8-9 bucks and use your gift card and get it free and then some!!!!!

  5. Huh, it’s surprising that your Albertson’s turkey deal is so different than what we have here in Boise, ID. I thought that both Boise and Seattle areas were in the same Alberston’s “region”. Through 11/20, our Albertson’s deal is $0.59/lb when you buy $25 worth of groceries, which seems like a pretty good deal.

  6. For those down in Salem, OR, Winco’s turkeys are one penny less per pound than Fred Meyer. Spend $50, .58/lb, spend $100, .48/lb. I went yesterday and just bought staples that I use all the time and that tend to be cheaper at Winco than Fred Meyer.

    I was a *tad* disappointed that Winco is only coming in at one penny less than Fred Meyer. 🙁

  7. I got my turkey last night from Winco in Puyallup. My turkey was free because I spent $150, which is not advertised near the turkeys. However, the turkeys are smaller at this location than they were last year. The biggest I could find was 15 pounds and last year I was able to find at least a 20 pound turkey. My cashier mentioned the same thing.

  8. Hello I live in california so I know that prices vary but I was able to get a bone in ham for $.99 a pound last year. So far this year I haven’t seen a price even close to that. By chance has anyone seen the price at Winco?

  9. I got a 24 lb. turkey free at the Sumner WINCO today when I bought over $150. It isn’t advertised in the store, but the cashier automatically did it for me when she checked me out. I picked out the biggest turkey I could find since I’m having 25+ people over. There were several turkeys in the 20+ lb. range.

  10. @Jennifer…bone in ham was $1.29 a pound tonight at my local Winco. I’ve been watching for the 99 cent price point, too, and haven’t seen it here yet either.

  11. I did the B1G1 @ Albie’s cuz $35 was me splurging at the store. Best times to get ham deals is after Thanksgiving & Christmas when they get marked down, standing rib roasts are big after Christmas and New Years as well.

  12. Here’s my turkey deal today! Target is offering a cartwheel for $10.00 off a $50 food and beverage purchase. So the first thing I grabbed is a turkey. It was almost $10. Then I continued to shop for things I normally buy. Essentially I spent $40 and got a free turkey!!

  13. Fred Meyer isn’t offering a free Turkey with purchase this year. I just saw tomorrow’s ad and the offer is for $.49 a pound with a $50 purchase.

    • You have to have a $50 purchase? I hope that’s not true. I saw television ad advertising fred meyer turkeys for .49 per pound. I didn’t see or hear anything about a minimum purchase. I plan to go there this morning to get one — but I don’t have $50 to spend. I hope I don’t have to go without a turkey.

  14. I saw the Safeway ad last week and it was offering the free Turkey if you spend $150. I didn’t see it today and I am going T-Day Dinner shopping Friday. Do you know how long the deal was/is good for? I will be devastated if I am unable to get my free Turkey as I am doing 2 this year; my “free” one and one I will be purchasing. My son leaves for the military next year (2017) and the following year my daughter will be in college. This is our last year, for a while, where will all be together. I want to rock it out! Please let me know asap. I’d greatly appreciate it!! 🙂

  15. Thank you so much for this post!! I’m doing my FIRST turkey this year, and getting ready tonhead out shopping this morning! It’s so helpful to have all the deals in one place.

  16. Got a Norbest turkey at the Grocery Outlet today. The price is $7.99 no matter of size (after their $10 coupon) with $30 purchase. However, the turkeys are 12-14 lbs not 12 to 24 lbs as you posted. Found a 14 lbs but majority were closer to 12 lbs. Deal is good until 11/14/17.
    Thanks for posting the prices and deals.

  17. Here in the Dallas area, Albertsons is the price to beat this year at 39 cents a pound for a frozen turkey with $25 purchase.

    Have a good thanksgiving y’all.

  18. I retired after 40+ years in retail grocery. Any and all turkey prices and ‘deals’ are loss leaders. That means that the company will lose money selling the turkeys for that price. How they figure to make money is on all the other items the customer purchases/even it they are ‘on sale’.

  19. Need to be mindful of which turkey you actually get for that price. I was in Grocery Outlet and noticed Foster Farm turkey, ok sure. And then when I got to the register was told that turkey didn’t qualify, the “Norbest” ones are. Now here on the West Coast I never heard of Norbest before, and knowing that Grocery Outlet is often a reseller of stuff that doesn’t sell elsewhere, it really was vexing whether or not I should do Norbest.

    I think next year I’m just going to pay a little extra for a quality bird and not even think about the “deals”

  20. Winco in visalia, ca is doing turkeys $0.29/lb with a $25 purchase. I have a small family so a 11.3# turkey came out to $3.23! It was a genie o brand they also had a brand that I didn’t look at as they were all 15-22#s.
    Happy holidays!

  21. Thank you so much for putting together this detailed list. Even though I live in AZ, it is still very helpful. I wanted to point out that the Costco “fresh” birds are sold from a freezer case, most frozen solid. They are all around 20 lbs with little variation.

  22. Hi–I’m planning a church dinner in Federal Way for 225 on Dec 15, and hoped I could find a good deal on turkeys somewhere. Are the good deals over after Thanksgiving? or can some still be found? Thanks!!!!

  23. Check your Walmart! I just got a Butterball turkey today for $0.68 a pound!! Dont know if it was just a local markdown, but it’s worth a look if you still need one!

  24. Well
    Happy Thanksgiving to any and all.
    I just built a electric smoker from a flower cooler gone bad. Its pretty bitchin , except some of the interior plastic has sort of shriveled up. Anyway I’m gonna try smoking a few turkeys and then handing them out at the local homeless hangout.
    My goal is 4 birds at once . If anybody has experience with this sort of thing feel free to share. [email protected] . It seems worthy. Thanks

  25. Aldi has a terrific 2 day sale on November 17 and 18 only. Buttetballs are priced at an amazing 45 cents per pound. No additional purchase neccesary. Needless to say, the store is packed with bargain hunters. So hurry before they sell out.

  26. I am looking turkey at last night. This turkey looking was so impressive and reliable to see. Do you know I am able to get my free Turkey and I am got my turkey at last night

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